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About Me..


Symone is a visual artist who specializes in portraiture, figurative drawing and painting.

Art has always played a major role in her life; for as long as she can remember she has loved drawing and painting. She is driven by the anticipation and potential of a blank canvas, ready to be brought to life.

Symone was born in London, into a family of six. Creativity is something that has been shared between most of her siblings, all branching into their own artistic discipline. Continuing to live in London, she has been a teacher of Art for a few years as well as practising art in her own time. Common elements within her work have been portraiture, the body and colour; her passion being the female form.



Her most recent work encompasses her love for the female form and colour and creates a series of poses painted with a sense of ambiguity. The artwork focuses on one aspect of the pose, reducing the painting down to a few limbs, gestures and elegant forms. The colours for each one chosen based on what hues spoke to her through composing small sketches of the poses. The titles of each centre around the palette on each painting. Her aim; to use the medium and method to convey the sensual elements of the body.

‘‘I want my viewers to get lost in the movement of the paint and boldness of the arbitrary colour’’. 

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